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Not sure if Knoxville is right for you? Here are 5 reasons why we love her!

Flirting with Knoxville?

Just ask her out already 😉

Go from (potential) Knewbie to Knoxville Knative in 3 easy steps!


1.) Good ole fashioned online stalking: MOVE2KNOX

Ready to find love? (ie. Thinking about moving to a new city?) Consider getting the Move2Knox guide like doing your first good ole fashioned social media stalk. Maybe you’re crushin’ on a couple cities, but you’re about to stumble on a profile you cannot resist. Rentals, neighborhoods… are those sparks for Knoxville we see??

2.) First date time, baby: NEW2KNOX

Oh, those were definitely sparks, baby! It’s time to get off-line and start getting to know each other face-to-face. New2Knox is here to help you get to know the city you’ve chosen to go out with. We’ll help you find your new favorite spots, the most fun events, and even your new best friends in Knoxville. Sure, it’s fun to date Knoxville, but by golly, you could feel this way forever…

3.) I doooo: REA DOWNTOWN

Are those wedding bells we hear? After a season of blissful dating, it’s time to tie the Knoxville knot. (Not to brag, but we could tell y’all were a perfect fit from the start 😉) REA Downtown will help you get down the aisle and find your favorite forever home in the cutest Scruffy City in the south.

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